Our Distinctive

The Smart Money Experience®

01  The Bridge Conversation™ - The Gift of Clarity

The Smart Money Experience (SME) begins with the Bridge Conversation™. You gain clarity on what's important about making smart choices about money... clarity on your financial goals... and perspective on where you are today relative to where you want to be to live the life you want to live.

02  The Written Financial Action Plan - Your Financial Blue Print

We quarterback a team of experts that include Financial Planners, Money Managers, Financial Safety/Insurance Experts, Tax Experts, and Estate Planning Experts to create your comprehensive, chronological, step-by-step, Written Financial Action Plan... Your Financial Blue Print.

03  Cash Management Plan - Smart Cash Reserves

An expert will tell you what you need... how to get it there... and keep it there.

04  Debt Management Plan - Smart Debt Management

An expert will tell you how to use debt smartly. And when the time is right... a written plan telling you how to reduce, if not eliminate your debt on a schedule that makes sense to you.

05  Asset Allocation Plan - Smart Money Management

A money management expert will provide a plan that gives you the highest probability of achieving your goals... with the lowest possible risk.

06  Financial Safety Plan - Smart Risk Management

An insurance expert will review every kind of insurance you have (life, disability, health, long term care, liability, home & auto)... and deliver a written Financial Safety Plan that tells you whether you need that type of insurance... and if you do, then what type and amount of insurance is right for you. You have a safety net for the financial risks that could threaten you from fulfilling the goals and living the life you described in your Bridge Conversation™.

07  Progress Reports - Smart Reviews

Three times a year... every four months... we meet with our families... face-to-face... to answer five crucial questions:

  1. How much money do you have... and where is it?
  2. How much money did you start with?
  3. How much have you added or taken away?
  4. What has the market given you or taken away?
  5. Are you on track to achieve your goals?

08  Concierge Services - Smart Living

You want to keep track of everything you have in one place... all your investments, bank accounts, retirement accounts, real estate holdings, businesses interests... yes everything you have that matters to you accounted for in one secure place... that only you can access... from anywhere in the world... 24/7? We can do that.

You want someone you trust to pay your bills and balance your check book? We can do that. You want someone to help you get your financial files & records at home in order... and keep them in order? We can do that. You want someone to help you find & acquire that special ranch retreat or lake house? We can do that.

Whatever you need... and whatever you may want to do that requires planning and money... we can do that.  Want someone to watch your house or pets when you take that special trip? We can do that.