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Our Approach

The Horizon Advisor team takes every step necessary to understand our clients and serve them as best as possible. Utilizing a highly client-centric approach, we’re able to pinpoint your financial needs, goals, values and even perceptions, and transform these into solutions for a secure future for yourself and your loved ones. This all starts with building a bridge.

The Bridge Conversation

Clarity of values leads to more effective decision-making.

The most important step in our process is an experience known as The Bridge Conversation™. This is a transformative discussion we have with our clients, that gives us the opportunity to learn about your present goals and values, and the lifestyle you want to preserve or attain. During this session, we’re essentially building a bridge between your present and future. It’s also a bridge of communication between you and our team. We’ll discuss attitudes toward finances. This foundational step will have significant impact on you meeting your future goals.

Strategy Development

Once we have a clear vision of your values and goals, this will serve as the framework for your initial financial blueprint, and all subsequent action. Our team of subject matter experts will collaborate and create a collection of their best ideas that will have direct positive impact on achieving your goals. We’ll build personalized strategies tailored to your specific needs, designed to help you attain your ideal lifestyle.

Ongoing Relationship

We embrace the principle that, at the end of the day, it’s the execution that drives the results. The partnership between us will grow as we continually build upon the structure outlined in your financial blueprint. Three times each year, we will meet for executive sessions. Working from an agenda, we’ll update you on where you currently stand, and we’ll systematically check for possible issues that may arise in the future. Doing this enables us to anticipate potential roadblocks before they occur and prevent them. We’ll also show you the progress you’re making along the path to achieving your goals. Over the course of one year, we’ll have addressed every aspect of your finances as they relate to your goals. We’re committed to your financial house being kept in order for the rest of your life.

Our Family Office has helped countless client families achieve the financial reality they’ve always wanted and so rightfully deserve. We’d love to show you the way to your own success story. Call us today at (805) 719-2747 or email