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What We Do

At Horizon Family Office, we know that financial success is backed by a carefully woven complex web of various moving parts. Our team of seasoned professionals comes together to address any and all areas of service you may need, from sending the kids to college to handling estate planning needs, and anything in between.

Below is just a partial list of our areas of specialization:

Mindful Spending Plan

There are many financial decisions you are faced with along your journey to success, and you’ve made the most important one already, which is seeking professional guidance along the way. We'll provide you the help you need to understand your options, make the right choices, and save an invaluable amount of time in the process.

Family Protection

We provide a variety of services to help care for loved ones, including senior care, and spousal support in the event of your passing. We also help provide security for your own protection against financial predators, stopping bad actors in their tracks.

The Bridge Conversation™

The Bridge Conversation™ is an integral step of our process when developing any financial strategy for our clients. It’s where we help bridge the gap between your present state, values and dreams, and your desired destination. We help you align your past, present and future to guide you along the best possible path to achieving your goals.

Business Strategies 

No matter how small your business may be starting out, your Family Office can help with the executive decisions that will grow you to your highest potential.

Tax Action Plan

We work with your CPA or tax professional to minimize your tax liabilities each year, retain more of your income, and direct your money to achieving your personal goals.

Smart Cash Flow

We help you establish adequate cash reserves for unexpected financial issues, create debt elimination plans, and provide major purchase assistance.

Asset Protection

An insurance expert will review every kind of insurance you have (life, disability, health, long term care, liability, home & auto) and deliver a written multi-faceted Financial Safety Plan that mitigates risk and deflects financial predators . You’ll have a safety net for the financial risks that could threaten you from fulfilling the goals and living the life you described in your Bridge Conversation™.

Maximize Benefits

From evaluating company stock options to finding the best strategy to claim Social Security, we’ll help you choose wisely to receive as many benefits as possible.

College Planning

We specialize in the most efficient college planning possible to guide your young ones into the right direction and help them achieve the most invaluable thing a child can have: a solid education.

Concierge Services

From booking your flight and hotel arrangements, to caring for senior parents, to buying that vacation home you’ve always dreamed of, we have a nationwide network of concierge personnel at your fingertips.

Estate Planning

We’ll design a personalized plan to pass down your estate when, how, and to whom you want, while minimizing the burden on your beneficiaries.

No matter what your financial needs are, we have a wealth of resources to help. Call us today to get started: (805) 719-2747 or email