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John Kelly

John Kelly

Risk Management & Insurance Solutions

John has more than 30 years of industry experience and earned the Chartered Financial Consultant designation specializing in insurance and risk management.  He identifies key areas of risk that could disrupt a family’s financial life and put them at risk.

Financial risk from the premature death of a primary wage earner, loss of earning power due to disability or illness and loss of assets due to litigation are areas of concern.  John also evaluates needs for estate preservation, liquidity and equalization.  This can be a major concern when the family’s primary asset is a privately owned business

John reviews every type of insurance that the family owns including property and casualty, liability, disability, life, business liability, estate preservation and transfer, long term care and health.  He then answers three questions. 

  1. Is this insurance that you actually need at this stage of your life;
  2. If so, is this the right type of insurance for you; and
  3. Is this the right amount of protection for you?

Once it is determined there is a gap in coverage, John works with professionals that specialize in that specific area of insurance to develop the best solution.  John finds that helping families manage risk so that they have the highest probability of achieving their goals is deeply satisfying.

On a personal note, John and his wife Vicki recently celebrated their 36th wedding anniversary.  They live in Monroe, LA with their pets (two French Bulldogs and two cats).  They enjoy traveling to the Pacific NW, the outdoors and reading.  They recently formed the Northeast Louisiana Chapter of ISF (NELA), a 501c 3 that provides scholarships, mentoring and leadership training for students aging out of Foster Care who wish to go to College.  See for more information.   

John Kelly is not affiliated with or employed by Horizon Advisors.